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Traveling with Pets

For flights operated by Air Cairo, you are welcome to bring your cat or small dog in the cabin with you provided it is small enough to stand, turn around and lie down in its carrier under the seat in front of you.

Air Cairo accepts animals for carriage in the passenger cabin in an approved container according to the following conditions:

  • Dogs, cats must be properly prepared and accompanied by a valid health vaccination certificate.
  • The weight of accompanied pets including the weight of containers and food carried shall not be included in the free baggage allowance.
  • Only smaller dogs and cats, who weigh no more than 8 kg including their transport suitable, closed, leak proof container and size 45x35x20, may be transported under certain conditions as additional carry-on baggage in the passenger cabin. Larger dogs and cats and all other animal species, regardless of their weight and size, are not allowed in the cabin. 
  • Dogs and cats, who weigh more than 8 kg including their transport container, may be transported under certain conditions as excess baggage in the aircraft’s air-conditioned cargo hold with prior arrangements. 
  • Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old to travel.
  • Air Cairo does not accept live animal as checked baggage on Holds compartment (AVIH).
  • Your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin if you:
  • Are an unaccompanied minor
  • Are seated in an exit or bulkhead row
  • Require the use of a medical device that needs to be stowed underneath the seat
  • Do note that every country has its own set of requirements when it comes to travelling with animals, we encourage you to always check your departure, transit and arriving country’s local requirements and restrictions. 
  • You will also need to prepare all necessary accompanying documents to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your four-legged friend. 
  • Pet must not be removed from its container.

Important Note:

  • Air Cairo shall not be held liable for injury, loss, delay, sickness, or death of such pets or if it is refused entry by any country, state, or territory.
  • Passengers are advised to carry sufficient food for their pets for the journey. 
  • The above-mentioned condition only applies for Air Cairo operated flights. If you have a connecting flight on a different airline, please refer to its live animals’ regulations.
  • For Code-Share flights operated by other carrier please refer to Air Cairo call center or the nearest Air Cairo Sales offices or general sales agent.
  • Only one pet per container is accepted.
  • Only one pet per passenger is accepted.


Applicable charges for one way travel:

The applicable charges for pets weighted (including the weight of containers and food carried) not more than 8 kg is USD 75.00 (or equivalent in local currency) for one way travel.  

Pet Registration:

  • You will need to let us know in advance of travel if you plan on travelling with your cat or dog in the cabin.
  • After you book your own flight, contact Air Cairo Air Cairo call center (or the nearest Air Cairo Sales offices or general sales agent) to register your pet for travel on the same flight as yours.
  • You need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the recommended check-in time for your flight as you must see an agent at check-in. Customers with pets cannot use Web check-in or airport self-service kiosks. 
  • Pets that have not been registered in advance may not be accepted at the airport.

Service Animals:

Service animals (Seeing eye dogs, hearing aid dogs, etc.….) are carried free of charge subject to aircraft type and are accepted in the customer cabin when properly harnessed and not occupying a seat, and should be sitting at customer’s feet, and are exempted from any weight limitation and container requirements.

Important Note:

  • Assistance dogs must be always under your control during travel and must wear a harness, held on a leash,or tethered when it is not in its kennel.
  • Dog must have a training certificate and all travel documents required.
  • Service animals remain subject to custom regulations at the country of transit and destination.
  • Documentation on letterhead from a licensed mental health professional, dated within the past 12 months, stating that the customer is under professional care for a mental-health-related disability, and that the animal’s assistance is essential to his or her mental health.
  • Such animals should be accompanied with valid health and vaccination certificates/entry permit.
  • In case of animals being disruptive or the animal is too big to fit in the customer cabin, then it must be caged and accepted as checked baggage (where applicable), or else the customer will be offloaded.