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Special & Medical Assistance

Air Cairo is committed to provide safe, convenient, and comfortable services to customers with special need or assistance.

To experience travelling comfortably, request your type of assistance at least 48 hours before departure & arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight, so we can provide you with the best possible service.

You can request assistance from us through My Booking.

If you cannot find the type or level of service you need, please contact Air Cairo call center or sales office.

Carrying Medical Equipment on Board:

  • If you need to travel with medication, medical equipment, or devices, such as CPAP machines, or hearing aids that emit radio waves, please provide us with the manufacturer, product name, model, size, battery type, etc.
  • Please note that you might be required to pass through security screening, checking your equipment again at the airport before departure.


  • For medication, please keep a copy of the prescription or a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner indicating the name of the illness, etc., as it might be requested at security check.
  • Scissors, even those that are part of medical equipment, cannot be carried on board.
  • On the other hand, the final decision rests with the security authorities on whether an item can be allowed through the checkpoint.

Medications & Needles:

  • Generally, customers are permitted to carry medications and associated supplies including “needles, syringes, and auto-injectors” for their treatment of medical conditions on-board.
  • Assure sufficient supplies of medication can be carried in both carry-on and checked-in luggage.

Regulations from Different Countries:

  • The legal status of different types of medicine can vary from country to another and the carriage requirements are not consistently enforced. This applies to both over the counter and prescription medications.
  • To assure a smooth transition through local security check points, you are recommended to carry a letter from your doctor confirming that you need such medication and have them clearly labelled along with their generic names if possible.

Refrigeration of Medication in-Flight:

  • Air Cairo will not be able to refrigerate your medication. If you are bringing medication which requires refrigeration, you should pack them into a cool bag or vacuum flask along with dry ice in quantities of less than 2.5kg (5.5lbs), all suitably packed to allow the carbon dioxide gases to evaporate freely. 
  • Please inform our airport staff that you are bringing dry ice onto the flight during the check in procedures.

Before Your Flight:

  • Carry medicines with a correctly labelled container as issued by your pharmacist.
  • Review medication regulations with the relevant authorities, especially for travel with controlled drug.
  • Carry a copy of all prescriptions, including generic names for drugs, along with the actual medication in the hand luggage, especially for controlled substances and injectable.

Wheelchair Assistance:

We provide wheelchairs for mobility impaired customers to use on the way to the aircraft, and when disembarking after the flight. Basically, there is no need of using your own wheelchair, which we will be carrying free of charge in the aircraft hold.

Note: Suitable backing or wrapping is highly required for the wheelchair.

Customers travelling on wheelchairs will be accepted for travel on Air Cairo flights without escorts and do not require medical clearance.

Categories of wheelchairs that Air Cairo provides:

  • WCHR (Wheelchair Ramp): for passengers that can climb aircraft’s stairs independently but requires wheelchair for only covering long distances, kindly note that some flights do not accept wheelchair.
  • WCHS (Wheelchair Steps): for passenger that can cover short distances on foot, but not able to climb aircraft’s stairs. Kindly note that some flights do not accept wheelchair.
  • WCHC (Wheelchair Cabin Seat): for passenger with reduced mobility and need to be assisted to their seats. Kindly note that some Aircrafts do not accept wheelchair.

Medical Clearance (MEDIF):

  • Medical clearance is required to assess your fitness to fly; especially if you need special attention or use of any medical equipment on-board.
  • A Medical Information Form (MEDIF) should be completed by you and your doctor, if you have complicated chronic illness, recent illness, injury, surgery, or hospitalization.
  • The form may be required of passengers who need special services such as:
  • Oxygen supply (passenger or airline provided).
  • Stretcher. 
  • Medical escort or in-flight medical treatment. 
  • Carriage of medical equipment or instruments. 

Stretcher Case:

  • If you are unable to sit and require a stretcher on board, please request our stretcher service at least 72 hours before your flight. 
  • Stretchers will be provided upon request and subject to availability
  • You will need to provide proof of medical clearance before you are accepted to fly. 
  • The customer is required to have a completed copy of Medical Information Form (available at Air Cairo office and contact center) filled and completed by his doctor and state that the customer is fit to fly.
  • An escort is mandatory for guests requiring a stretcher. Medical escorts are only required if there is a need for a qualified nurse or doctor.
  • The escort accompanying the stretcher case will be charged any available fare for the trip to be undertaken.
  • Additional charge is applied for stretcher service. Please contact Air Cairo sales office or our call center for more information, the charges do not include any ambulance, hospitalization, and other ground expense. 
  • The customer will be for responsible to arrange the ambulance transportation and /or all expenses incurred at stations for medical or special attention. 
  • Customer travelling on stretcher should be present at the airport of departure at least (3 hours for the international flight and 2 hours for domestic flight) prior to their schedule time of departure.
  • Please be informed that the procedure for accepting stretcher is subject to the airport regulations, rules and to the local conditions.  
  • Please provide all arrival information (name of the hospital, ambulance contact, etc. _) to Air Cairo staff before departure.
  • Stretcher cases are only acceptable on flights operated by Air Cairo only.

Therapeutic Oxygen:

For passengers needs therapeutic oxygen provided in-flight. A 72-hour notice is required, and a Special Assistance Coordinator will confirm the availability of this request.

  • The Passenger is required to have a completed copy of Medical Information, a doctor need to specify if the passenger needs High flow ( 4 liter/min – 60 minutes) or low flow (2 liter/min – 120 minutes)..
  • A 72-hour advance notice is required for cancellations of therapeutic oxygen to ensure reusability of the oxygen unit.
  • Oxygen tube service is provided with a fee. 

Fit to Travel Form:

You are required to provide a fit to travel form completed by your treating physician before travelling if any of the medical conditions below apply to you.

Medical Conditions:

  • You have an infectious or contagious disease, e.g., coronavirus, tuberculosis, or chickenpox, that could pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others on your flight
  • There is medical reasonable doubt that you can complete the flight safely without requiring extraordinary assistance during the flight
  • You have a cognitive impairment, e.g., Down syndrome, Alzheimer's disease
  • You have had a seizure within 4 weeks of your scheduled flight
  • You have chronic obstructive lung disease, e.g., emphysema, or a chronic heart condition
  • You have suffered from a recent major medical incident, e.g., stroke, respiratory failure
  • You have had an incident on board a previous flight or at the airport and may require medical attention
  • You have undergone surgery within 4 weeks of your scheduled flight
  • You have had thrombophlebitis, e.g., blood clots in your veins, in the 2 weeks preceding your scheduled flight