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Tips and Tricks for Parents Flying with Kids

Traveling with children can be exhausting and stressful; however, there are some hacks and tips that moms can use to make the trip much more enjoyable. When it comes to flying with children, most parents panic.

Depending on your children's ages, there are a plethora of uncontrollable occurrences that can occur, some of which parents simply cannot manage.

However, if a parent is given enough time to plan and research, travel day can become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Traveling by car or train is one thing, but flying is an entirely different story.

There's usually more room to spread out in the car, mom and dad can pull the car over to stretch their legs whenever it seems necessary.

Not to mention the fact that when their child begins to scream, parents will avoid angry stares.

Families can also take a stroll through the trains. But what about in the air? There are more rules to follow.

So, before you book your first flight with your kids, consider these 7 hacks that will make life a little easier for everyone involved, including the air hostess!


Not every airline offers pre-family boarding, but it's worth asking ahead of time.

If you've ever flown before, you'll notice that the airline staff calls ahead for the elderly and families with small children to board first, giving them enough time to gather their belongings and find a seat.

If offered, parents should definitely accept it in order to make the boarding experience more seamless.


Depending on your child (and their age), When flying, parents believe that having their child in their own car seat is more convenient.

Being in their own car seat can provide them with a sense of familiarity and may even be comfortable enough for them to fall asleep in. Consider the difference in support between a car seat and an airplane seat. However, before bringing your car seat, make sure it's approved by checking the website of the airline you are traveling on.

For more information about your baggage allowance and excess baggage fees, check here.


Although we still have to deal with the occasional grumpy child on an airplane, companies, and parents have come a long way in making travel enjoyable for children.

There are now motorized suitcases, bags with a kid seat on top, and even small seats with wheels, making it much easier to navigate the airport!

When a parent is wheeling more than one bag, along with a baby or toddler, there are only so many hands they have.

Researching ahead of time to find the perfect 'kid shuttle' for your kid through the airport could make all the difference and keep a smile on your child's face.


Every mother has her method of organization. What appears to be a disaster to one mother may appear to be an organized mess to another.

This is especially important when traveling because space is limited.

Mom will not only have her purse, but she should also have a bag with easy-access items for her children.

A parent should know where everything is when they board a plane, from snacks to diapers to chargers to toys.

This way, if their child begins to cry because they are bored or hungry, mom or dad can quickly find a distraction.

And thanks to our in-flight entertainment system, your little one can enjoy his favorite cartoon onboard.

Take a stroll on our entertainment onboard page for more.


  One fantastic thing parents can do ahead of time is bringing small trophies for their children.

And if you forgot to pack some candies, we have your back onboard… you can check our onboard menu for your little ones.

 These small treats are sometimes given by parents to the airline hosts, so they can surprise their children as they walk through the aisles.

Other times, mom or dad will conceal the surprises in their bags to be retrieved when their child is behaving well.

The better their behavior, the more likely it is that they will receive a punch of candies or a small puzzle.

On that note, as previously stated, surprises do not have to be large purchases; they can literally be a small puzzle, candy, or a crayon to color with.

for more varieties check our sales on-board section


A parent's best friend is Ziplock bags. They make an ideal mini organizer for mom and dad.

Some parents will place a variety of snacks inside the bag so that their child can easily go through it and take whatever looks tasty.

Other parents will put their child's clothes, medications, or accessories in specific bags to make their day-to-day life as simple as possible while traveling.

Just go to the store and purchase a new box of Zip locks so that you have one for each day of the trip.


A piece of advice from a fellow traveler, don't forget your mega Antibacterial wipe pack.

Don't forget your massive Antibacterial wipes pack, according to a fellow traveler.

It may not appear to be beneficial to parents or their children in the short term, but it is in the long run, especially with COVID-19 precautions.

Consider how germ-infested airplanes are even after they have been sanitized.

People are confined in a small space for hours, sneezing, coughing, and sweating.

 While traveling, germs and unwanted strands of hair are unavoidable.

And, because children have a tendency to touch and lick random objects, it's best for mom or dad to wipe down surfaces before their children become too comfortable.

When you first board, wipe down the food tray, armrests, window wall, and TV screen (and any other surfaces) during the flight. Doing this will hopefully keep germs and illnesses away so your healthy, happy vacation can continue as planned.