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Travel with Children

Customers travelling with infants and children:

Air Cairo staff is always available to assist mothers and babies throughout the whole entire flight. We welcome customers who wish to travel with healthy infants aged between 7 days to 24 months old.

Parents travelling with infants and children:

  • Customers travelling with infants or children must hold proof of age (birth certificate)
  • Parents can carry food for infant’s consumption on flight and baby needs like napkins ... Etc., in addition to one infant's bassinet which will be counted as one of the free carry-on items provided that total weight with the baby is not more than 10 kg,
  • You can bring one stroller for each child you are travelling with in addition to your carry-on and checked baggage allowance and regardless of your destination. Air Cairo strongly recommends the use of small collapsible umbrella type strollers.
  • Small strollers - with a collapsed diameter not exceeding 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length not exceeding 92 cm (36 in) - can be checked free of charge at the baggage counter or at the boarding gate. When accepted at the baggage counter, your stroller is delivered to the arrival’s baggage hall at your final destination. When accepted at the boarding gate, it is delivered to you at the aircraft door at every point in your journey.
  • Large heavy strollers can only be checked at the baggage counter because gate facilities in airports are not designed to accommodate them. Additional baggage fees do not apply. Large strollers are also subject to space limitations, and there is a risk that they cannot be accommodated in the aircraft.
  • Customers with children or infants may not be seated in emergency exit seats.​
  • A single adult (aged 16 years and above) can travel with 2 infants provided that the second infant should pay the applicable child fare and hold a seat.​ 
  • ​A mother and father travelling with 2 infants will be allocated cross aisle seats for safety reason.
  • Infants under the age of 2 are not entitled to a separate seat. Should the infant reach the age of 2 before the return flight or on the date of return, a booking as a full-paying child (2-11 years) with a seat is mandatory for safety reasons.
  • For newborn babies travelling inside incubators, please contact AIR CAIRO sales office or our call center for more information.

Important Note:

  • During take-off and landing, infants must be seated on their parent’s lap. In addition, for safety reasons, parents are asked to hold babies on their lap during continued or severe turbulence.
  • The German Federal Police pay particular attention to minors, irrespective whether they are travelling accompanied or not. We therefore recommend that minors should carry the following documents with them:
    • A free-format statement of consent by the guardian or custodian showing details of the minor, also, if applicable, particulars of the accompanying person(s) and destination or itinerary.
    • Particulars and contact details of the guardian or custodian.
    • Copy of the guardian’s or custodian’s passport.
  • Customers travelling with infants can travel with their car seats provided that:
  •  Prior arrangements with AIR CAIRO are mandatory.
  • Infants using a car seat must pay the appropriate child fare.
  • Infant car seats can be used for infants between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.
  • At least one seat adjacent to the child must be occupied by a physically able person, of not less than 16 years, who is responsible for the occupant of the car seat.
  • The customer must arrive early at the airport for prior arrangement.
  • The car seat must be designed to be suitable for the aircraft seats (Fitting on the seat).
  • These conditions above are subject to aircraft type. 
  • Some car safety seats; child restraint devices and cars harnesses cannot be used on our seats due to safety requirements. For further information, please contact our reservation office or our call center.