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The holiday season is quickly approaching! It's the most magical time of year, but it's also possibly the busiest.
If you're traveling during the holiday season, wherever you're going, remember that everyone else is, too. But don't be put off by intrusive security scanners, bad drivers, and long airport lines.
The time has come to travel again, but this time will be a little different. Even though much of the world is beginning to see normal reform.
However, there are new protocols, circumstances, and regulations to follow, which vary depending on where you're traveling to and from.
Before we begin our holiday travel tips, you cover all the aspects of travel that have changed over the years, on our website from the Visa and Health, and Travel Safelypages.


Plane Travel

Keep an eye out for flight delays and arrive early.
Pack only carry-on items if possible, to avoid long check-in lines. Before your flight, always check in online. Although it doesn't always seem to make a difference because they still put you in lines to get your boarding pass when you arrive!
Purchase a flexible flight. You'll pay more, but travel is unpredictable, allowing you to change plans if necessary. In addition, airlines are beginning to charge for carry-on luggage. Flexible tickets often have baggage included. Southwest, for example, has checked-in baggage included. Do your research thoroughly, and double-check the luggage requirements.
The cheap flights may be cheap, but you may have to pay extra for luggage, seat selection, and insurance, as well as other hidden fees such as taxes. It may end up costing you more in the end.


Travel Insurance

We always recommend it, but now more than ever. Most countries require travel insurance, with specific Covid-19 requirements. Examine your policies thoroughly to ensure that you are adequately protected against pandemics, trip delays, and cancellations.
If you're flying internationally, the airline will almost certainly check your travel insurance, so make sure you have your policy documents on hand to show them.


Check Alternate Airports

Taking flights from different airports can often result in fewer delays and lower fares. It's not just on flights, but also rental cars and transfers.
Examine the flight prices from various airports to which you can fly. In Cairo, for example, flying from Sphinx airport instead of Cairo International Airport may be less expensive. In the United Kingdom, for example, flights to and from Manchester may be less expensive than flights to and from London.
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Avoid Peak Travel Days

Sometimes this can be hard to do but when you’re searching for your flights, click “flexible dates” so that you can find the best price and book your flights according to that period.
Flying over the weekend tends to push prices up. If you can fly mid-week, it will work out better for you. And, there are usually fewer crowds in the airport.


Leave for the Airport with Plenty of Time

A great choice to take the stress out, knowing what time you need to leave to get to the airport on time. So you can arrive at the airport before your international flight in at least 3 hours, and for domestic flights in at least 2 hours.


Fly Direct to Avoid Possible Connection Delays

If you can fly direct, do it. If not, carefully plan your connection routes, keeping in mind weather conditions that could cause delays.
When taking connecting flights, it's also a good idea to bring only hand luggage, as this is usually where bags go missing.
If you’re worried about your checked back getting lost, I highly recommend you get yourself a luggage tracker tag, which sends a GPS signal to your phone and tells you where your bag is.


Pack Light

It can be difficult with all of the winter holiday gear. Worst case scenario. If you can get by with only a carry-on, go for it. You can always buy things once you arrive.
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Be Prepared

With snacks, entertainment, water, and other necessities for your flight or drive. You never know what kind of delays you might encounter. It's always better to be prepared.
Purchase a neck pillow, travel socks, an eye mask, and earplugs. Even if the journey is short, be prepared to settle in.
Make sure your phone is charged and has all relevant phone numbers, itineraries, and apps installed.


Keep Calm and Enjoy each moment

Enter the holiday travel season with the expectation that it will be chaotic and possibly problematic.
Accept this as the case and choose to travel despite it. It puts you in a much better position to deal with the crowds and delays.
You are already prepared. And you might get a pleasant surprise instead of the worst-case scenario.
Breathe deeply and use the long lines to catch up on emails on your phone or swap stories with the strangers around you, while also making them feel at ease to make it part of the journey. The overly friendly person on the plane next to you, help them to feel at ease and at the same time make it part of the journey. The overly friendly passenger next to you, the canceled flights, the luggage that fell off in the middle of the highway? All of it will make for great stories over dinner when you finally make it to your destination.