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For the first time in the region Air Cairo and Connection Marketing sign a partnership contract to market innovative advertising rights on the company fleet

For the first time in the region, Air Cairo and Connection Marketing sign a partnership contract to market innovative advertising rights on the company's fleet.
Mr. Hussein Sherif - Chairman of Air Cairo - and Mr. Sherif Monsef El-Manawy - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Connection Marketing Solutions - signed an agreement, the first of its kind in Egypt and the region, under which Connection will design and implement innovative marketing programs on Air Cairo flights and aircraft, and partnerships With international and Egyptian banks, companies and institutions for the purpose of marketing their products on board Air Cairo flights, which roam more than 40 airports around the world and transport more than 1.5 million passengers annually.
It is expected that the marketing programs will allow leading companies to place their trademarks on the fuselage of Air Cairo aircraft to advertise their brands and products in the most effective and innovative way, in addition to other marketing and advertising advantages during flights and on board aircraft, starting from browsing the Air Cairo website or applying it on mobile devices, through promoting on On-board the plane and during the flight until its departure from the destination airport.

About this partnership, Hussein Sharif, President of “Air Cairo”, said Air Cairo is one of the distinguished air carriers in the region
With the recovery of the travel and tourism movement, Artina has developed the many and varied possibilities of AirCairo, with the ability of Connection Company to design and implement innovative and attractive marketing programs for the benefit of the traveler and the benefit of the institutions to be partnered with.

Mr. Salah Kadry, Commercial General Manager, added, "Air Cairo has embarked on diversifying its revenue sources, taking advantage of its capabilities and modern fleet, with the aim of providing better services to Air Cairo's passengers and customers, and maximizing the company's revenues from additional services for passengers and partnerships with many local and international companies, coinciding with the expansion of the adoption of technological solutions in Distribution and passenger service.
On his part, Mr. Sherif Monsef, President of Connection, said: "I consider this partnership very special, because it is new to the Egyptian and regional market, and in the Connection Marketing Group, we always have the desire to present the new marketing, which adds value to all parties," he added, "Putting the logo of Egyptian and international companies and institutions on the fuselage for long periods as an advertising method is something It is not easy, and we are currently working on developing world-class designs to ensure the best results, in addition to our current study to start cooperation with the largest global company in designing “customer experience programs” or Customer Experience, which ensures the maximum benefit for the program sponsors. Also, serving millions of travelers through new methods will bring many benefits, surprises, and a new marketing dimension to our partner brands in the future, ensuring a lot of distinction.”It is worth noting that Air Cairo is one of the Egyptian joint stock companies, in which EgyptAir contributes 60% and 360 Investments 40%, and operates a fleet of the latest A320neo/ceo models serving 6 Egyptian airports to more than 40 destinations around the world.

As for Connection, it is one of the fastest growing marketing groups in the Egyptian market, and is also represented by projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States. It is characterized by innovative marketing programs and projects, and it has a portfolio of partners and clients from the largest local and international institutions