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Air Cairo is proud to present its passengers with its new In-Flight Entertainment System. As Air Cairo is always finding innovative ways to improve its service, the new In-Flight Entertainment System is about to be launched to provide the passengers with a more entertaining flight. Air Cairo will enhance the travel experience by providing access to a digital guest portal with multiple contents that is tailored to all tastes in just a few clicks away. The service includes movie and music streaming, listening to podcasts, track the airplane’s position on the map, ordering from any of the sales on board, and more

Entertainment on Board

IFE Movies

As Air Cairo seeks to entertain its passengers, we have a wide variety of movies that is tailored to everyone’s tastes. Whether you are into action, comedy kids, drama or romance, there is always something there for you. Find out about our line of movies currently on display.

IFE Podcasts

If you want a simple laugh or feed your curiosity, we have a wide selection of podcasts that hit the spot. They are straight forward and easy to digest to help elevate your flight experience.

IFE Maps

If you are wondering where you currently are, the IFE’s moving map has got you covered. With the latest technology, you will know exactly where the airplane is at, and tell you the time for your arrival.

IFE Sales on Board

It has never been easier to choose your favorite foods and drink than now. Through the IFE, you browse our wide selection of foods and drinks.