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Different Types of Passengers You probably met on your last flight!

Have you ever been on a flight with someone who shouts instead of talking, or socializing around with literally everyone, or maybe just can't stay still? Or even worse… someone who is least concerned about those around them? We've all encountered passengers like these.
I am almost certain that each of these types of passengers was on my recent return flight from my last holiday!


The Restless

He (she) shows nervous vibes that you can pick up on so easily.
They are constantly shaking their legs, shifting from side to side, and fighting everyone around them. Their itching attitude has a knock-on effect on me, and soon enough, I can't sit still either.


The Sleeper

This guy was either up late packing or partying the night away. In any case, they're fast asleep before the plane even takes off. And a particularly bad 'Sleeper' ends up resting on their neighbor. I must admit that I fall into this category. I never lean on my neighbor, but I do fall asleep before takeoff. Something about trains, planes, and cars always puts me to sleep!


The Stressed-Out Parent

I feel the most sympathy for these travelers, especially if they are traveling alone. They're not only carrying a stroller, a car seat, and several carry-ons, but they're also ultimately responsible for their child's (un)happiness. They do everything they can to keep their child quiet and calm during the flight, but kids sometimes have their agenda. The parents are always overwhelmed and apologetic. If they're sitting near me, I always try to assist them.


The Complainer

This passenger is always dissatisfied, no matter what the flight attendant does. And do they sit in first or business class? Forget it! Their drink is never properly prepared, the temperature is always too cold, and they definitely have had a better experience on another airline! Put on your headphones and turn them off.


The terrified Flyer

These people have a natural fear of flying, suggesting that they have coping mechanisms. They close their eyes as the plane takes off, praying, taking deep breaths, and wishing they were somewhere else. These flyers can be quite entertaining to watch (sorry!).