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Cookies Policy

Air Cairo website uses cookies, small files stored on your hard drive for the purpose of identifying your computer, tablet, or smart phone visitors. They are not tied to personally identifiable information. You can stop tracking cookies and third-party cookies in your browser settings. If you delete cookies any opt-out cookies placed will be deleted also, so you will need to actively opt-out again.

While you are not required to accept cookies to access our website, if you reject cookies, certain offerings, features or resources of our website may not work properly, and you may experience some loss of convenience or functionality.
We differentiate between cookies that are strictly necessary for the website’s technical features and optional cookies.

To enable you to select the data protection settings for your visits to our website that best suit your requirements, we give you the option below of adjusting your preferences with respect to the categories of operational necessity, statistics, convenience, and personalisation.

1. Operational Necessity Category

These cookies are necessary to operate the site and facilitate security features, for example. Furthermore, these cookies allow us to recognise whether you wish to remain logged into your profile so that you can access our services more quickly the next time you visit the website. 

2. Statistics Category

We collect anonymised data for statistics and analysis so that we can continue to improve our offering and website. These cookies allow us to determine visitor numbers and the effect of certain pages of our website and optimise our content.

3. Comfort Category

We use these cookies to make our website easier to use. For example, saving the selected country & language, so that the user does not have to select them each time s/he visits the website

4. Personalisation Category

These cookies are used to display to you personalised content in line with your interests. For example, we may present offers to you that are especially relevant to you and your planned trip.

We Use the Following Cookies on Our Website:
Cookie NamePurpose and Category
Cookie ValueEnables your browser to "remember" the selected country and language. - comfort
Country Name En CookieA “technical cookie” used in handling the site languages – operational necessity
Booking Award Shopper Auth CookieUsed to track if you are logged into Award shopper module – personalization
Cookie AuthEnables the browser to “remember” your acceptance of the Privacy Policy, cookies policy and website terms and conditions - comfort
B2B_UserUsed to track if you are logged into MS Corporate – personalization
CIB UserUsed to track if you are CIB user in award shopper module – personalization
CK RatedA “technical cookie” used in handling the FAQ – operational necessity
CK ViewedA “technical cookie” used in handling the FAQ module – operational necessity
Passenger InfoEnables your browser to "remember”: the Award shopper user’s details – comfort

 Third Party Cookies:

We use your visit to Air Cairo, to third party websites and your browsing behavior to learn about your current interests to deliver you ads relevant to your interests and behavior. We create usage anonymous profiles for remarketing purposes and conversion tracking. It is not possible for us to trace these back directly to any individual.

For example, Third Parties may Use Advertising Cookies for The Following Purposes:

1. To store your website visits to determine your interests

2. To verify whether you clicked on an ad

3. To monitor the number of visitors that click on an ad

4. To use third-party services to display ads tailored to your needs, interests, or preferences

5. To determine which kind of advertising is efficient for us

6. To display ads for products you have clicked on or searched for previously

7. To monitor the number of ads shown so that the same ads do not appear all the time

8. To display other interesting ads based on your use of Air Cairo websites

9. To analyse which ads you have clicked before buying products

10. To establish the number of orders resulting from ads and their monetary value

Description of Third-Party Cookies Used 

Usage-based online advertising:

We use various remarketing and tracking technologies on our website. These allow us to recognise visitors on the websites of our advertising partners and target them with personalised information. The following companies are responsible for collecting the data needed to deliver usage-based online ads: Google: Adwords (a tool used for remarketing), Facebook or similar 

Google: Analytics (a tool that helps website and app owners to understand how visitors engage with their properties). Clickhereto learn more about Google cookies. You can download and install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on via this link using this add-on you can determine whether and on what scale Google Analytics collects and processes your data.

Social Media

We offer social Media functionality on our website and mobile app. which include: 

  • Sharing Air Cairo content (e.g., share and like buttons)
  • Linking Air Cairo offerings with social networks, e.g., when logging into your personalised area on the website (“social login”)

On our website, we use this two-click solution for the following social media plugins:

  • Facebook. Click here to learn about Facebook cookies
  • Twitter. Click here to learn about Twitter cookies
  • YouTube. Click here to learn about Google cookies
  • Instagram. Click here to learn about Instagram cookies

Your personal data collected via are processed in accordance with our privacy policy.