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Where to spend your Valentine’s Day

In life, it is not about where you go, but whom you travel with. And definitely, there is nothing more romantic than traveling around the world with the person you love!
So, how about spending Valentine's Day in one of the most beautiful cities in the world?
And enjoy a romantic getaway in one of Egypt's or Europe's best Valentine's Day destinations.
They say, “Travel is the most romantic gift you can ever give”
Let us help you to make this dream a reality…



Spicnik - Stjerska Region
Shaped Heart Route

Welcome to the romantic roads of Slovenia.
Ljubljana, and 20 minutes by car from the very pretty town of Maribor, discover one of the most romantic places in Europe.
The Štajerska region is known for its beautiful vineyards and the quality of its exceptional wines.
On Valentine's Day, when the vineyards are stripped from their leaves, we can best observe the heart-shaped romantic road. You will have the opportunity to stop nearby to taste local wines while enjoying this exceptionally romantic panorama.
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Strasbourg and Alsace
For many years, France has been the capital of love and has welcomed lovers from all over the world. Many people know that it’s not all about Paris when it comes to visiting France.
You can enjoy also these two French cities Strasbourg, and Alsace.
The "Strasbourg mon amour" Festival consists of concerts, whole evenings dedicated to slows, and the dance of lovers. “Strasbourg mon amour” is also a cultural program and event exclusively dedicated to love that await you each year on Valentine's Day in Strasbourg, one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.
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Do you need a luxurious romantic getaway away from the crowds? Find your love nest on the island of Burano and enjoy a romantic and one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day. If Venice entices lovers from all over the world with its extraordinary architecture, sumptuous palaces, and monuments, Burano is designed for those who do not require gilding to fall in love.
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Lake Como
Lake Como is one of the favorite places for celebrities on holiday. One of them loves this place so much that he got married there. Guess who? Georges Clooney. If he's not a heart left to take, neither are you! Enjoy a romantic stay in one of Italy's most romantic destinations, Lake Como.
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Mijas and Andalucia
Do you want a sunny Valentine's Day? Book your Valentine’s vacation at Malaga and discover Mijas, one of Spain's most romantic destinations. You walk hand in hand through the typical alleys of this small town, which offers breathtaking views of the entire region, whether in a horse-drawn carriage or on foot.
The many pots of geraniums and other colorful flowers that the people of Mijas care for make this typical Andalusian white village (Pueblo Blanco) very special. On Valentine's Day, Mijas is an excellent choice for a romantic getaway. This small mountain village is very quiet in February, and you can enjoy beautiful sunny days, restaurants, and affordable lodging. Mijas is only a 15-minute drive from Malaga International Airport.
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The Czech Republic, located in the heart of Central Europe, is a popular tourist destination for many visitors seeking an alternative to Europe's traditional tourist route.
The ideal location for couples to visit and become a part of the nation's dynamism, awareness, and proud heritage.

Castle Hill
A significant cultural and historical landmark. The Crown Jewels, as well as the relics of Bohemian kings, precious Christian relics, art treasures, and historical documents, are kept at Prague Castle.

Lovers Bridge
Charles bridge is famous now not best for its wealthy history, but as a place for couples to connect 'love locks'. The association of Artists now believes they have removed top-notch 13.2 tons of those locks over the past eleven years.
Lovers Bridge is a lovely photograph spot and the oldest bridge over Čertovka, a branch of the Vltava River isolating Kampa Island from the mainland.
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Germany has a wide variety of romantic locations, from fairytale landscapes to romantic towns ideal for honeymooners. The following cities are among the most romantic in the country, enticing visitors with picturesque old towns, medieval castles, and scenic landscapes.

Nuremberg appears on lists of places to visit every year as the holiday season approaches, and for good reason. Their Christmas markets are enchanting, transforming the city into a winter wonderland of wooden huts, twinkling lights, and gleaming Christmas ornaments. However, the rest of the year is worth visiting Nuremberg to explore the Old Town streets with their timber-framed houses, the medieval city walls, and the ancient castle.

Bamberg, only 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Nuremberg, is a medieval architectural treasure. The city's Old Town, a web of cobblestoned street alleys, well-preserved medieval houses, and landmarks, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend a day or two strolling around Little Venice, the Neckar riverfront, and past the imposing buildings that frame the Domplatz square to soak up the romantic atmosphere.

Just an hour north of Frankfurt, the enchanting city of Marburg entices with a quaint Old Town of winding cobblestoned streets and alleys, a castle perched on the city's highest hill, and an atmosphere that inspired some of the most famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales as well as the works of numerous poets and novelists. The literary movement has been dubbed the Marburg Romantic era, and the Haus der Romantic Museum explores the period's cultural history.
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trip down the river Nile is a far more relaxed way to see the sights between Aswan and Luxor than rushing along roads, taking safety measures.
Luxor, the World's Largest Outdoor Museum, in Luxor city, contains one of the most beautiful temple standing.
Sail high over the famous monuments of Luxor on a sunrise hot air balloon ride. You'll get unmatched aerial views and photos, there's nothing better than a hot air balloon rides over this beautiful city with your better half.

Aswan: Aswan is full of sights for you to explore, and is a great base for a day trip to Abu Simbel. It's also quite different from cities like Cairo and Luxor, so makes for a nice contrast on your trip.
Aswan is known for its beautiful Nile Valley scenery, significant archaeological sites, and its peaceful aura. Its weather is warm all year round, which makes it a perfect winter destination. The city provides splendid views and attractions to sail through the Nile with a felucca (Egyptian sailboat)
Considering visiting the Nubian Village is a fantastic half-day trip. There are a lot of colorful Nubian villages in Egypt. The one that has been popular among locals and foreign tourists and is 45 minutes by boat from Aswan.
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Montaza Palace in Alexandria


Montaza Royal Palace and Gardens
The royal palace and gardens of Montazah in Alexandria are definitely worth the drive to visit.
It’s around 15 kilometers out of the city, so you will need to hail a taxi if your hotel is central.

The Citadel at Qaitbay
This is an icon of Alexandria which is built on Pharos Island on the coast.
It was a medieval fortress built in the 15th century as a stronghold against the Ottoman Empire for Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa’it Bay.
The ancient world's largest library and learning centers were housed in Bibliotheca Alexandria. At its peak in 288 BC, it held over 400,000 scriptures of the world's knowledge.

The Kom El Shoqafa Catacombs
The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa are a medieval wonder of the world that are well worth your time. They're unique because they combine ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Greek carvings.

A boat ride through Alexandria's harbor
A boat ride around Alexandria harbor provides the best view of the city skyline.
From the sea, you can get a unique perspective of the city as well as some great shots of the buildings and Bibliotheca.
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Excellent restaurants and bars, a mix of shops, and a wonderful place to walk or sail with a boat to watch the crystal bay at sunrise or sunset, a truly memorable and outstanding trip that will last for ages.
Where you can enjoy very paradisiacal beaches, beautiful water, and experience many shades of blue.

Giftun Island
Wonderful Island with a large beach and turquoise clean water. Giftun Island is surely the perfect place to relax, swim, spend quality time on vacation and have the best memories & photos with your partner.

Marsa Alam
Is also known as a world-class kitesurfing destination and starting point for safaris. Marsa Alam also has some inland attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.
WADI EL GEMAL NATIONAL PARK is one of the most natural areas of Egypt, declared a protected area but used for creation, has many spots for diving, bird watching, relaxing, a dolphin house, safari, and antiques from the Roman age.

Astronomy Center
The stars and planets looked crystal clear. It was great laying down just looking up at the dark clear sky. You will find there lots of tents for the tourists to stay in.From the sea, you can get a unique perspective of the city as well as some great shots of the buildings and Bibliotheca .
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