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Musical Instruments

You have the option of taking your musical instrument with you into the cabin. Depending on the weight and size, you can carry it with you as carry-on baggage or you must book an extra ticket. Furthermore, you can also take your musical instrument with you as an additional item of baggage and check it in.

Musical Instruments as Carry-on Baggage 

You can take your musical instrument with you into the cabin free of charge as long as its dimensions do not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm (height x width x depth) and its weight does not exceed 8 kg. Please bear in mind that your musical instrument thereby replaces a permitted item of carry-on baggage and that, where applicable, you may not take any further item of carry-on baggage on board with you.

If the weight of the musical instruments exceeds 32 KGS or 203 Cm, it must be accepted as cargo.

Musical Instruments with Their Own Ticket Booking

If your musical instrument exceeds the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm, you must book an additional seat. This must be booked at the same time as you book your own ticket. Prices for taking your musical instrument with you depend on the ticket prices available. Musical instruments that you wish to book to be taken with you into the cabin may not exceed the following dimension and weight specifications:    

  • 155 x 42 x 25 cm (height x width x depth) for musical instruments that stand in the cabin 
  • 110 x 42 x 50 cm (height x width x depth) for musical instruments strapped to the seat

Please Note That:

  • A maximum of 1 musical instrument is allowed per Customer as cabin baggage.
  • Maximum weight for the musical instrument inside the cabin is 32 KGS
  • The musical instruments must be well restrained in a way that it cannot move during the flight.
  • Window seat should be assigned for the musical instruments.
  • Musical instruments cannot be allocated in the exit row.
  • Instruments larger than a cello (e.g. Double-bass, Harp, Geomungo …etc.) there is no option to purchase a seat as these instruments are too large and heavy and must be accepted as cargo only.
  • If a code-share flight operated by another airline and included in the itinerary, the baggage rules of the other airline may apply.
  • Due to temperature variation, expansion, and contraction of the neck of stringed instruments may occur. We advise Customers to loosen their strings before travel to prevent any strain or damage.

Musical Instrument as an Additional Item of Baggage

You can also check in your musical instrument as an additional item of baggage if it complies with the excess baggage dimensions. Information about the permitted dimensions and weight limits can be found on our Excess Baggage