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Spain, the country of beautiful architecture and flamenco songs

Spain is a beautiful country with rich architecture and a huge cultural heritage. Arguably it has it all: mountains, a stunning coastline, and urban life, plus agriculture, mining, and industry, the whole city, and its surroundings are a romantic set. Nice promenades and excellent food.

To travel across Spain through the fairy architecture of its cities are full of romantic Interests art and poetry; this is the world’s dream.

Air Cairo is now taking you to Malaga, Valencia, and Bilbao, Starting from the 1st of November.


Is known for its music. There's an enormous selection of music events and cafes.

Malaga is visited by millions of tourists every year, and most of them come in summer. With Malaga’s beautiful beaches, resorts, and events, summer is an excellent time to visit if you love a lively atmosphere.


Though it's often overlooked in favor of Barcelona or Madrid, Valencia has plenty going for it. Located on Spain's east coast, the 2,000-year-old city boasts wide sandy beaches, striking architecture, a buzzing food scene, and a culture, without the crowds in other large Spanish cities.


It's a great place to explore if you fancy art, culture, and ancient cobbled lanes. Bilbao's also alive with local energy. It's a hip haven for foodies, overflowing with fantastic restaurants, and many of the Michelin variety. It makes a fantastic base for touring the Basque and Cantabria regions of northern Spain.

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