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Entertainment on Board

Air Cairo is proud to present to its passengers the new In-Flight Entertainment System.
Our new In-Flight Entertainment System is launching to provide the passengers with a more amusement and relaxing flight by providing access to its digital guest portal with The latest blockbusters, classics of film history, music and games that is tailored to all tastes in just a few clicks away.

The service also includes tracking the flight location on the route map, ordering from any of the sales on board, and more… so, just sit back and enjoy your flight with Air Cairo.


IFE Movies

As Air Cairo seeks to satisfy all its passengers tastes in cinema, we added a carefully chosen wide variety of all movies genre to match everyone’s taste.

Whether you are into horror, comedy, drama or romance, you will always find something there to attract your attention.
Find out more about the movie list currently on display.


IFE Podcasts

If you want a simple quick laugh or eager to feed your curiosity, we have a wide selection of fiction podcast, podcast novel, video podcast and live podcasts that will hit the spot.

They are straight forward and easy to digest, will definitely help elevate your flight experience.



IFE Maps

f you are wondering where you currently are and how long you still have till you reach your destination, the IFE’s tracking system has got you covered.

With the latest tracking technology, it will track exactly where your flight is, and tell you the ETA for your arrival, the temperature at your destination.


Sales on Board

 It has never been easier to choose what you are craving or your favorite dish and drink than now.
Now you can easily browse our wide selection of foods and drinks.
On board our flights, no need to worry anymore about your left out snacks, here are some items you can find on-board our flights:
Hot sandwiches, snacks, chocolates, beverages, and hot drinks.